Individual Treats

Our signature range of individual desserts are sure to bring joy to your customers. Chef Daniel has paired modern and unique flavour combinations to create refreshing, light and moreish individual desserts. All topped and decorated with Chef Daniel’s signature flair.
Elevate your pastry cabinets by combining a variety of these to create a gallery of treats your customers can not refuse.

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Banana & Honeycomb Cake (GF, DF, V)

A light, fluffy and flavourful Banana base cake topped with a honeycomb vegan cream cheese icing and decorated with banana chips, almond slivers and chocolate crumbs. (available in: Box of 6 only)

Black Forest Cake (GF)

Rich and moist cake containing Callebeaut chocolate filled with sweet cherries and soaked in a Kirsch syrup then garnished with a light cream cheese icing, freeze dried cherries and chocolate crumbs. (available in : Box of 6 only)

Date, Pecan & Espresso Cake (GF)

Fresh date and pecan cake garnished with an espresso cream cheese icing, chocolate crumbs, roasted pecan nuts and dates. (available in : Box of 6 only)

Fig & Apple Cake (GF)

Fig and apple compote flavoured cake garnished with cream cheese icing, wild baby figs, pistachios and dried flowers. (available in : Box of 6 only)

Hummingbird Cake (GF)

Rich tasting cake made with fresh bananas and pineapple, garnished with orange cream cheese icing, banana chips, walnuts and dried flowers (available in : Box of 6 only)

Lemon & Blackcurrant Cake (GF)

Fragrant lemon flavoured cake filled with tangy blackcurrant and garnished with cream cheese icing and a sweet blackcurrant compote. (available in : Box of 6 only)

Lime, Yoghurt & Coconut Cake (GF)

Tangy cake folded with yoghurt and dipped in fresh lime syrup, garnished with coconut cream icing, shaved coconut and dried flowers. (available in : Box of 6 only)

Lychee & Strawberry Cake (GF)

Fresh lychee flavoured cake garnished with a strawberry cream cheese icing, a white chocolate disk, pistachios, freeze dried strawberry and dried flowers. (available in : Box of 6 only)

Orange & Almond Cake (GF)

Golden moist cake made with fresh whole oranges and almonds, garnished with cream cheese icing, candied orange, pistachios and dried rose petals. (available in : Box of 6 only)

Orange & Chocolate Cake (GF, DF, V)

A light and flavourful orange cake topped with a whipped dark chocolate ganache. Garnished with candied orange, rose petals and crushed pepitas. (available in: Box of 6 only)

Raspberry & Passionfruit Cake (GF)

A delicious vanilla bean cake filled with tangy sweet raspberries garnished with a passion fruit curd and freeze dried raspberries and a sprinkle of icing sugar. (available in : Box of 6 only)

Spiced Carrot & Walnut Cake (GF)

A flavoursome cake made with freshly grated carrot and toasted walnuts, garnished with compulsory rich cream cheese, chopped apricots and pumpkin seeds. (available in : Box of 6 only)